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How To Handle The Responsibility Of Taking Care Of Your Boss’s Canine

Your boss has suddenly got an urgent assignment overseas and cannot turn it down. He has to leave within a few days and has decided to take his family with him on the trip. He however has one problem. He has a pet canine that has to be taken care of while he is gone. Your boss knows that you are an animal lover and that you will take care of pets very well. So he gives the job over to you. You cannot refuse to look after your boss’s pet canine because you have no excuse to give him. Your boss has also told you that he will give you the money to take care of his pet. So what more can you ask for?

Contact the professionals

You decide that the easy way to take of your boss’s pet would be to bring the canine to your place. You realise that you can save time and money if you have the pet at your place. Your boss will be away for a month so all you have to is give the canine his food and vitamins and take him for his daily walks once a day. When your colleague at office finds out that you have to take care of your boss’s pet she tells you it would be good to get the help of dog groomers to look after the canine since they are professionals and will take good care of the animal. You think this is a brilliant idea and asks your boss if it is okay to get the help of the experts. You can browse this page if you are looking for reliable dog grooming service.

Bathing and brushing

Since your boss is agreeable you ask your colleague to help out by finding a reputed company with dog groomers. Your colleague tells you there is a well-known company that handles this type of pet care close to your place and that you should check it out. So you and your colleague pay the pet care company a visit to see what they have to offer. As you enter the premises you see some canines being given a bath and others being brushed. You also notice that some of the pooches are being taken for walks by the staff at the pet care.

Attention on pet canines

You cannot believe the amount of attention these professionals give the pets and are very impressed with their services. A staff member asks you what your requirements are and what type of breed your canine is. When the staff member realises that you are taking care of your boss’s canine for him while he is away she tells you that if you have a problem transporting the pooch to their premises you don’t have to since they can provide special transport to pick up the pet from your place.

Basic Care For Your Loveable Pet

Everyone loves a four legged furry friend. A human’s lovable companion. They become part of one’s family and you cannot live without them. There are many people who spends big money on taking care of their pets. All of their time and effort is spent on their well-being.

Having pets indeed makes one’s life colourful and lively. Whilst these four legged creatures make us live life to the fullest, life is unpredictable and we are faced with many ups and downs. Illnesses and accidents can always happen when you least expect it.Therefore it’s always better to be prepared beforehand. If you already have yourself a pet first aid kit congratulate yourself as it is wise made decision. However if you do not own a pet first aid this will be your guide in setting and related information on taking care of your lovable pet.

The setting up and how to

You need to decide on the storing of the pet medical supplies. It’s always better to store in a way that’s portable incase you are required medication to be taken whilst travelling. Betadine is a must have in pet first aid kit as a prevention of bacteria that can result in infections in the event your pet gets wounded. Have an antibiotic ointment in hand, styptic powder for those unexpected flea moments. Hydrogen peroxide is also advised to be kept in the first kid. Purchase cortisone in the form of spray or cream to be applied or used when your dog has a sudden itch or has a sudden form of allergy. Always make sure that you carefully store away the first box or its contents in dark cool area where it is unreachable from pets and kids. Nevertheless keep it in an area where it is easy for you to reach when an emergency situation arises. Maintaining a pet first aid box is like having a 24 hr vet at your own home.

Every now and then check the contents and find out the medicines that are expired and need to replace. Purchase adequate amounts of cotton balls and cotton buds to clear up any wounds. Gloves, gauze and first aid tape is also required for the same purpose. Most people prefer purchasing vets wrap that is efficient in keeping dust and sort away from teaching the wound. Invest in a quality thermometer, eye dropper or oral syringe and nail clippers as a solution for those unexpected moments. Purchase a durable slip leash which is a collar and learn together to keep your pet still while you treat him. If your pets wound or illness doesn’t heal by two days it’s best to consult the services in Newton vet.

Keep in mind that if you are unsure of any safety medical precautions to be taken avoid experimenting and obtain the services of professional help at all times.

Little Home For Your Loyal Companions

Dog kennels are used all over the world by dog owners as an enclosure where a dog is kept for safety and carrying away to different places. It offers them a cozy comfortable room of their own. Besides, if you can cover the crate with comforters or bed and add in a few of its favorite toys inside, it will keep your loyal companion happy and healthy.

Today, many types of dog kennels are available to suit your specific requirements. If you want to buy a crate for your dog, you are likely to get many reputed stores who manufacture different dog kennels for sale. Typically, there are four types of kennels available:

• Wire crates

This one is a dog’s favorite as it keeps them cooler during the warmer seasons and never blocks their sight. Some of these kennels come with many types of padding and covers for comfort. Some wire crates can be folded or divided into sections so that space can be increased later. To clean up the floor easily, some kennels have a removable floor tray. But sometimes this kennel makes a lot of noises when the dog moves around, but putting a thick cardboard on the wire floor can solve this issue to some extent.

• Plastic crates

These are commonly found and can be segregated into three pieces- top, bottom and removable gate which make it easier to clean. These kennels are recommended for car and air travel. These are available in different colors and are perfect for dogs who like cozy places to sleep. But this kennel hinders the dog’s sight and prevents much air circulation.

• Soft crates

These are soft, foldable, and lightweight and can be taken anywhere. But aggressive dogs can literally tear and chew away its sides. Intelligent and clever dogs may find out how to unfasten its lock. These types of kennels are not at all suited for dogs that are not potty trained.

• Heavy duty crates

These kinds of crates are perfect for aggressive dogs, but this type of crates is a bit pricey.

• Other types of crates include cute kennels, tent kennels, wooden kennels etc.

Functionality of the crates

• Kennels come in different sizes and designs and can be bought from any pet supply stores. But it should be spacious enough to let the dog stand, sleep and turn around. Some people use kennels to train their dogs. This can take days or weeks depending on the dogs’ age, temperaments and habits. It is the natural genetic habit of dogs to have an affinity toward dens and so kennels are useful to try them. It helps them gain control over their excretory system.

• Travelling with dogs become easier and safer when they are carried in the kennels. These are extremely useful when the dog is younger as caging them protects the household from its uncontrollable rage and crazy behavior.

Tips for buying kennels

When you want to opt for dog kennels for sale you must consider a few things. If you have a small puppy even then you should buy a crate for adult dogs with dividers to separate out sections. This will prevent you from upgrading the crate as the dog grows. Most people choose the metal wire crate for dogs as it is cost efficient and lasts longer than the other types of crates.